I am currently helping out with development and maintenance of the software behind the nLab.

I have posted some recordings (simply done, on a mobile phone!) of myself accompanied by a guitar. Mostly old folk or roots songs, but occasionally dipping into other things. The full list can be found here. Some that I feel particularly happy with (even if they are far from perfect) are the following: Fly (Nick Drake), Hughie the Graeme (ancient Scottish ballad), La marche nuptiale (by George Brassens), Fola, fola blakken (Norwegian children's song), Changing of the guards (Bob Dylan), The Cannonball (roots song, Carter family).

I have written down a couple of stories, originally intended to be children's stories, but perhaps not quite ending up as such: The giant, the little girl, and the butterfly, and The forest clock.

Last updated: 13:19 (GMT+1), 22nd January 2019